Jurassic Fishing

Reel and tackle box all in one compact fishing system


Ryan and Sarah love to travel. Ryan is an avid fisherman and whenever they travel he always tries to fit a day or 2 of fishing in. Renting fishing equipment and/or going on a charter fishing trip while traveling can get very expensive. While in their garage one day, Ryan decided to make a hand line fishing reel out of PVC pipe because they were going on a vacation and he wanted his own equipment and the freedom to fish anywhere, anytime. He brought the product on their trip and used it to fish in the river successfully.

We are very passionate about the Jurassic Fishing reels for a number of reasons. We love fishing and want to make it easier for everyone to do so. Our favorite part about it is the convenience of taking it on vacation with us. Fill the inside of the reel with your bait and tackle and you have everything you need. No need to rent equipment, just put it in your luggage and you can fish at your leisure where ever you end up.
Hand line fishing is one of the oldest and most primitive kinds of fishing- another reason we love our reel. It keeps the fishing experience simple and gives you the special experience of fishing back in the good ol’ days.

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