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Reel and tackle box all in one compact fishing system

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Reel and tackle box- all in one compact fishing system


Product Features

  • Internal space for storing bait and tackle (or anything else you need for a day of fishing).
  • No moving or mechanical parts thus preventing snapping or breaking.
  • Can catch small as well as large fish, from 2lbs to 40lbs.
  • Knob at the end to tie a knot or hook a carabinir- can wear on wrist, hook on loops or pants, to backpacks, etc.
  • Small, compact size means easy storage in luggage, glove compartment, backpack, in kayak, etc.



Our Story

I love to fish and Sarah loves to travel- each passion has rubbed off on one another and now we both love to travel and fish. We love the outdoors- camping, backpacking, kayaking, hiking, etc. We have immense respect for nature, the outdoors and every fish we catch. We care deeply about over-fishing, the destruction of the reefs and ocean life and we do what we can from donating to the local Marine Mammal Center to beach clean-ups to staying educated and informed.

The Murray reel reflects our passions and values. Hand-line fishing is the oldest and most sustainable form of fishing. There are no mechanics involved- just the individual, the reel, their smarts and strength, and their hands. Nothing fancy, no gimmicks. Another one of our favorite aspects of the Murray Reel is how easy it travels. We hate to carry around bulky equipment and this nips that problem in the bud. We just grab the reel and go! So simple, convenient and fun. We hope that you enjoy the Murray Reel as much as we do, catch a plethora of fish and experience fantastic travels! See you out there!

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Ryan Murray & Sarah Cusenza

San Francisco CA



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